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Vetericyn Plus Otic Rinse - 90 ml
  • Vetericyn Plus Otic Rinse - 90 ml

Vetericyn Plus Otic Rinse - 90 ml


Otic Rinse - 90 ml

For millions of pet owners, ear infections are often the leading cause of visits to the vet!Vetericyn Plus Otic Rinse is a pharmaceutical grade formula that has been designed specifically for pets such as dogs, cats and horses, and helps to remove any potentially harm debris or foreign material from inside of the ear as a way to help reduce irritations, infections and prevent further damage and costly medical bills. The formula is made without the use of alcohol, steroids or antibiotics and helps to reduce odors, relieves itching and irritation as well as cleans discharge and organic buildup inside the ear. Perfect for preventative care, flushing, cleaning or just simple regular maintenance. For sensitive animals, the Vetericyn Plus Otic Rinse will not irritate, sting or burn, is completely non-toxic and is safe if it is licked or accidentally ingested making it perfect for all animal skin types at any stage in their lives. Comes in a 90 ml container.


For use on animals only. It is important to remove any excess hair from around the wound area. Clip, trim or shave if necessary. Saturate the affected area on the skin and flush away any foreign dirt or debris. Adjust the dropper nozzle and saturate the infected area on or in the ear. If an additional dressing is needed, saturate the dressing with Vetericyn Plus at every change of the dressing. Repeat 3-4 times per day or as often as is necessary for full healing. Accelerated healing is achieved when wounds are kept continuously clean and moist. No rinsing is necessary and it is safe for use around sensitive areas such as the mouth, nose, ears, and eyes. Not designed for inner ear infections. Apply in and around the ear with a gentle massaging action once per day or as needed. The solution is ideal for use after any outdoor activities.

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